AVI Policies

Arabian Vermiculite Industries top management and all its employees are committed to the Quality Management Systems that are required to produce Quality Fireproofing, Insulation and Horticultural products.

Arabian Vermiculite Industries is committed to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its operating procedures and processes throughout the product life cycle and across the Quality Management Systems.

Qualified engineers are trained to maintain quality policies with consultants and contractors to ensure standards are parallel to those of Arabian Vermiculite Industries. Information trade and quality control with Fireproofing material undergo several processes with all stakeholders to make sure that Fireproofing products are developed and applied in accordance to the standards.

Arabian Vermiculite Industries adhere to the requirements of its Certified ISO 9001:2008 standards, by periodically reviewing its quality objectives to provide required resources in order to maintain and improve the product quality

Quality management

AVI fireproofing products ro the conform leading standards and specifications.

Arabian Vermiculite Industries factory is quality audited by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual,U.S.A. (FM) to ensure full compliance with the written quality procedures.All products produced by Arabian Vermiculite Industries undergo Quality Control to ensure full compliance to the standards and are only shipped after it is approved for dispatch by the quality control laboratory.

Each bag carries the date and the batch number, while a sample of the product is retained for future reference.

AVI Petrochemical products also meet the properties in accordance with API Guidelines (Publication 2218) and ASTM test procedures.

AVI has a team of qualified engineers working closely with consultants and contractors to assist in the recommendation and specification of Fireproofing material. The team also assists project managers and applicators at site during application to ensure the standards are maintained.

UL 1709
UL 263/ASTM E-119
JIS A 1304
PNE 23.820
BS 476, Part 8
ULC S101/ASTM E-119
ISO R-834
DIN 4102
OTI 95 634
U. K.

Environmental Policy

Arabian Vermiculite Industries is committed to leading the industry in minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Arabian Vermiculite Industries has ensured it practices corporate social responsibility when conducting its business operation and contributes its due responsibilities to society. AVI will also continue to increase public awareness in fire safety by continually working closely with civil defense departments and promote media campaigns emphasizing on fire safety across the region. AVI has ensured it contributes to its social responsibility by employing a large number of local workforces that are trained to excel in specialist fields. In addition, AVI is dedicated to maintain health and safety as a priority in its production. AVI has also continuously participated in supporting charitable organizations as another focus of its CSR duties.

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