Vermiculite- Agrolite Vermiculite

Agrolite Vermiculite

Agrolite Vermiculite is a Mica like particulate mineral (Chemical hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate) which expands around 15 times in volume by popping effect when heated to 1,600°F. The resultant expansion enhances the substance’s moisture absorption and water retention capabilities as well as allows free air passage i.e. the vital aeration to the roots of the plant. The long life inorganic material is clean, odorless and lightweight and contains all required plant nutrients. It is free of pathogens, weeds, diseases and decompositions. Its high cationic exchange properties provide controlled fertilizer feed to the plant and regulates the pH of the soil. Neutral in reaction and insoluble in water, it is able to absorb large quantities of water 3 to 4 gal/cu.ft. It can be mixed with low pH components like peat moss and is compatible with fertilizers and chemical pesticides.

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