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Avicable Cable Coating is a ready to use waterborne coating based on a durable polymer system containing non-halogenated fire retardants, pigments and a preservative to resist microbial attack. Avicable Cable Coating can be spray or brush applied and dries to give a sound white flexible finish that allows normal cable movement. In fire conditions of 750°C, Avicable Cable Coating intumesces to form a protective char, reduces the fire spread and maintains the circuit integrity of the cable. When tested in accordance with IEC 60331-21:1999 the coating demonstrated an increase in the survival time of cables protected with it.


Avicoat is a water-based intumescent coating that expands under the effect of heat to form an insulating layer to mineral fiber batts and power cable and cable trays through penetration cables and bunched cables to stop the spread of fire along them. Avicoat does not require a top coating and can be applied in one fast application.
Avicoat is tested in International Marine Organization / SOLAS standards and has been shown to produce low spread of flames, low toxicity, low smoke and contains no halogens. It is tested for 90 minutes circuit integrity for electric cables at Warrington Fire Research, U.K. as per IEC 60331-3-2003.
Avicoat is often used in confined spaces in underground and marine / shipping situations where burning cables can create hazards from smoke, toxicity and unnecessary power failure.
When mineral fiber batts cables and cable trays are coated with Avicoat, fire is prevented from spreading further along the cable insulation so reducing aggressive vapors given off by PVC. Minimizing explosion hazard without altering the thermal conductivity of the plastic cable sheath so the current carrying capacity of the cables remains unchanged.
Because of the intumescent nature of Avicoat, small gaps between cables or between cables and cable trays and mineral fiber batts can be sealed.

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