Horticultural- Soils

Gardenflor Potting Soil

Gardenflor Potting Soil is a locally produced soil mix, using German peat with added ingredients such as Perlite Vermiculite Gypsum and fertilized with NPK, to give a good strat for all types of indoor and outdoor plants. It is an excellent growing medium for potted plants and all types of garden plants, grasses and vegetables. This ready-to-use soil is packed in convenient sizes for all types of gardeners from landscapers to nurserymen to housewives for easy handling of their gardens.


Plantaflor® SAB Profi Substrates (Potting Soil) is the ideal special mix for growing flowers and vegetables. This ready-to-use product is made of high quality peat moss and suitable additives. It is highly recommended for indoor plants.

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